Latest News Announces a Wide Variety of Business Opportunities Are Available, a company that offers low cost franchises for sale and much more, is pleased to announce that a wide variety of great business opportunities are available through their site. In fact, some of the franchise opportunities they currently have available consist of Benjamin Moore, Fleet Services International (FSI), and Caliber Care+Transport.

Hispanic Employee Engagement Requires Unique Introduction of Automation Solutions

Ignacio Isusi, Ontological Executive Coach, discussed the need for effective communication in automation with a growing Hispanic workforce in the recent issue of magazine. The article is titled, "Hispanic Workforce Growth in Automation Requires New Communication Leadership."

Attorney Raymond Lahoud Featured in NBC News Report on Impact of Trump's Immigration Policy

LogoAn NBC News report March 5 featured Raymond Lahoud, an immigration attorney with law firm Baurkot & Baurkot.

VoiceNation Expanding Services for Bilingual Answering Services

LogoVoiceNation, the industry leader in live answering and virtual receptionist services trusted by more than 50,000 businesses worldwide, has just announced the creation of a new bilingual, Spanish speaking live answering service team.

Mariachi for Democracy - Taco Tuesday - Get out the Vote Event

This election cycle has brought Hispanic and Latino issues to the forefront. Not since George Wallace has there been such blatant and seemingly proud racism exhibited by a major party presidential nominee. Progressives cannot afford to set this one out. All progressives, New Mexico progressives included, need to join together in this election to keep the unthinkable from happening and to support our Hispanic and Latino brothers and sisters.

Frank Jorge Elias - Solidarity with Mexico for the Offense of Donald Trump

The Chairman of Super Canal, Engineer Frank Jorge Elias, expressed solidarity with the Mexican people and joined the repudiation of offensive statements against the nation that made the US presidential candidate Donald Trump.